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Current Members:

Bea Thurman

"Sneeps" Coffee

Josh Gruin

Matthew "Molgera"




Bea Thurman

20, She/Her

Bea created Superphone as a solo project on a trip to california in 2021, Expanding the group in october of that

same year to incorporate Josh Gruin and the short lived original Matt, who died shortly after joining the band, probably

due to thinking too much about space and wires. He was replaced by Mr Coffee.

Soon in 2022 New Matt was brough on to help with guitars,

Bea is an avid synth head and enjoys playing the keyboard, animation, and video production in her spare time.


Rip Original Matt ????-2021. Gone and Forgotten

"Sneeps" Coffee

287, He/Him

Sneeps Coffee is a resident of Lansang, MI.

In his spare time he likes to yodel at squirrels and hunt landmasses.

This is the editor of the website.


Josh Gruin

19, He/Him

Josh Gruin was brought in with original Matt in 2021 to assist with the production of Cabinet Man,

Josh provides backing vocals, songwriting styles, and other vague services for the band.

He is identifiable by his trademark face, hands, and other bodily appendages. Josh maintains a tight

knit friendship with the band, and is a valuable member of the Superphone team.

Matthew "Molgera"

22, He/Him

Matthew Molgera, new Matt, or simply "Molgera" is the latest addition to the superphone team. Brought on

as guitarist around the release of the Ruler of Everything cover, he has an extensive experience with the

six string, as well as vocal and songwriting talents. Go check out his other project, Genuine Mustard!


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